MERIDIAN -- Authorities have identified the man shot and killed by police officers late Monday night at the Copper Canyon Apartment complex in Meridian.

Ada County Coroner Erwin L. Sonnenberg says 38-year-old Eric O. Dilworth died of multiple gunshot wounds from police officers.

Meridian Police Chief Jeff Lavey says police were called to the scene at 11:28 p.m.

Dilworth's official time of death is listed as 11:30 p.m.


Police say a woman called for 911 late Monday night, and reported having a problem with Dilworth, who was possibly suicidal and acting strangely.

According to the Meridian Police Dept., four officers responded to the situation, and confronted Dilworth. They say he then displayed an edged weapon and moved toward the officers in a threatening way, despite being told to drop his weapon.

When Dilworth refused to drop his weapon, all four officers fired their weapons, killing Dilworth. The number of shots fired remains under investigation.


Police say all four of the officers involved in the shooting are now on administrative leave, which is policy to allow officers to de-stress and recover after being involved in any type of shooting.

The officers names have not been released.

The Ada County Critical Incident Task Force and officers with the Boise PoliceDept. are investigating the incident. The Meridian Police Department also has an internal investigation into the incident.

We're all feeling a little tired. It was a very, very long night. We have to kind of scramble to make sure the city is still covered, so we're pulling extra shares there, said Meridian Police Chief, Jeff Lavey. One of the things that we kind of reflect back on is that we train for this, we know it's a possibility in our careers, but it's something that we wish we never have to do. And I think that kind of goes through their minds at this point in time. So they'e grateful that their fellow officers are safe but they kind of reflect back on, 'it could have been me,' or 'what would I do in that sort of situation.'

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