PARMA -- Remember Gage Driskell? He's a 10-year-old from Parma who's battling cancer.

Back in June of 2011, the community of Parma came together to remodel his home. The people in that community wanted to make sure Gage had the best home possible to recover in. You could think of it as a very generous Extreme Home Makeover.

Fast forward to 2012 -- and now 10-year-old Gage is still in a brutal battle for his life. However, just recently he got a much deserved break from cancer treatment.

Gage was granted the hunting trip of a lifetime, and the ability to lead a hunt, and shoot a large bison on a 15,000-acre ranch.

The hunt came thanks to a special organization called Hunt of a Lifetime.

Click the video link above to watch Gage and his amazing hunt. Those on mobile should click the related video tab.

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