BOISE -- The Boise City Council has voted to give themselves and the mayor pay raises.

The council had been considering a pay raise for about a month now. Now that the increase is final, we decided to take a closer look at the numbers behind the raises.

Mayor Dave Bieter hasn't had a pay raise since he took office in 2004.

The city council hasn't had one since 2006.

This has been a long time coming, said Adam Park, Communications Director for the City of Boise.

Bieter's salary will increase roughly 20% -- from just over $91,000 to nearly $110,000 annually.

The Boise City Council's salary will increase roughly 10% to just over $22,000 annually.

While the pay raises may seem high, Park says the increases match, year-for-year, what other Boise city employees have received. The main difference -- the council and mayor are taking the pay increases all at once rather than automatically over the years.

The mayor and council felt it was very important that they link whatever they got to whatever general employees also received, and not to get anymore than that, said Park.

But why the catch-up pay increase? We asked the city that question.

They just felt since it had been so many years it made since to put them on the same track that employees have been on for those years, said Park.

Here's how the Boise salaries compare to other cities in the Treasure Valley.

In 2008, the Nampa City Council approved themselves a 4 percent increase and a 7 percent increase for the mayor. Nampa City Council members make almost $11,000. Mayor Tom Dale makes a little over $74,000 annually.

In Meridian, the mayor's salary has increased 36% since 2004. That position now pays $75,000 a year. Pay for Meridian City Council members has increased 50% since 2004 -- from $6,000 to $9,000.

Positive economic signs in Boise -- like the 8th and Main project, JUMP and Whole Foods -- encouraged the council's decision to increase their salaries. The move could be a sign of even more positive growth to come.

I think the mayor and council are very optimistic about Boise's future. I think that the coming year we hope will be quite good. We've seen a lot of momentum happening over the last six months to a year and we hope that continues, said Park.

The pay raises for Boise City Council members and the mayor will not go into effect until 2014.

Other comparable salaries, according to Park:


Salt Lake City Mayor: $117,562

Portland Mayor: $118,144

Spokane Mayor: $100,000

Albuquerque Mayor: $103,854

Seattle Mayor: $169,956


Sheriff: $115,535

Prosecutor: $139,648

Ada County Commissioners: $97,534

Ada County Clerk: $97,534

Ada County Assessor: $89,876

Ada County Treasurer: $89,902

ACHD Commissioners: $20,736


Governor: $115,348


Airport Director: $135,012

Police Chief: $116,896

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