BOISE -- An 8-year-old student from Lewiston has won the state of Idaho's 2012 Holiday Card Contest.

The winner, Benicio Avila, is a second-grade student at Orchards Elementary School in Lewiston. Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna announced him as the winner on Thursday.

Congratulations to Benicio Avila for demonstrating such amazing talent at such a young age, Superintendent Luna said. Idaho's annual Holiday Card Contest is a great way to celebrate the importance of arts in education and showcase the great talent of Idaho's students.

Benicio's card shows a beautiful scene of birch trees on a winter night. The unique scene was chosen as the featured image for the State Department of Education's holiday greeting card this year. The cards are typically sent to schools, districts and others across the state.

Benicio will also receive a certificate and copies of the greeting card to share with his friends and family members.

Superintendent Luna also awarded the following grade-level winners across the state:

  • Kindergarten: Calvin Whitecotton, Bovill Elementary, Whitepine School District
  • 1st Grade: Hanna Shepard, Centennial Elementary, Lewiston School District
  • 2nd Grade: Benicio Avila, Orchards Elementary, Lewiston School District
  • 3rd Grade: Carman Stricklin, Bovill Elementary, Whitepine School District
  • 4th Grade: Renae McGarry, Whitman Elementary, Lewiston School District
  • 5th Grade: Savannah Robinson, Fernan Elementary, Coeur d'Alene School District
  • 6th Grade: Daphne Buckland, Genesee School District

Each student will receive a certificate of recognition.

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