BOISE -- The BSU Broncos may be playing in a major bowl game for years to come -- if they continue to win games through 2014.

On Monday, the NCAA presidential oversight committee agreed to hold six qualifier bowl games from 2014 forward. Two of them will be semi-final games, leading to the college football national championship.

That means the following conference champions will gain an automatic berth to the six qualifying bowl games: ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, SEC, Big 10/SEC/or Notre Dame.

It also means the no. 1 highest rated team from the following five conferences will also gain an automatic berth: Big East, Conference USA, MWC, MAC, Sun Belt.

Finally, the NCAA plans to offer five at-large berths to be selected by a committee.

Since the Broncos have a good track record in the MWC, and are expected to be competitive in the Big East when they join in 2013, the team should have a good chance of reaching a major bowl game in the future.

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