BOISE -- After an early morning search for a mountain lion on the prowl near the Greenbelt, Idaho Fish and Game officers left empty handed. The elusive mountain lion is still on the loose and now Fish and Game plans to set traps to catch it.

The search started at 4 a.m. Friday. At least eight volunteers divided into groups between the Glenwood Bridge and Eagle Road to search for the big cat on both sides of Boise River.

Fish and Game officers responded with dogs and ATVs. Their aim is to find the big cat -- or cats -- before they injure more pets, or even a person.

Fish and Game spokesman Evin Oneale says at least three times the dogs seemed to pick up on a scent. But each time it turned out to be a house cat.

On Saturday, a specialist with the USDAWildlife Services Department will set traps along the river between the Glenwood Bridge and Eagle Road.

Oneale says the traps will be set in areas that are clearly marked. Someone will check the traps twice a day.

While the traps are set, Oneale says it will be important to keep pets on a leash if you are out on the Greenbelt.

More than 10 sightings of the mountain lion have been reported in the last three weeks. They range from Eagle, to Garden City, to east Boise.

Last week, a Boise woman reported her dog had been viciously attacked by a mountain lion that jumped over a large fence.

Fish and Game officials say the changing weather is also making it more difficult to follow the animal's scent.

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