In the Land of Oz - Day One

Alright, here we go! I gave you lay of the Land of Oz in my first blog entry. Now, it s time to do this thing!

The good Doctor took awhile to get to any sort of tips on the show today. But when he did, it wasn t so much about what to do, but WHEN to do it. First off, he says to weight yourself first thing in the morning, right after you uh, ya know... heed nature s call (Dr. Oz is so much more willing to talk openly about these things).

I was already weighing myself early in the morning. However, I did decide to replace my years-old scale (too much bad blood between us). Also, it was a little unreliable. If I weighed myself three times, I d get three different weights in a ten pound range. Sure, if I was feeling like a pick-me-up I d just tell myself the low number was correct, but you can only lie to yourself so long. I mean, I can lie to myself forever, but YOU can probably only lie to yourself so long.

The Doctor says the best time to have a sugary treat (like low calorie cocoa in water) is at 2:00pm, right when you need a little blood sugar boost in your day. This is another tip I was already doing. I would often have a little treat around 2:00pm... the problem might have been that I was ALSO having a little treat at 5:00pm, 9:00pm, and midnight. The Doctor probably wouldn t approve, so I'll cut that out.

Oz says the best time to take your fiber supplement is a about 15 minutes before you eat, to curb your appetite. I wasn t doing this. In fact, I wasn t taking any fiber supplement. Oz recommends something called konjac fiber (my spell-check is SCREAMING at me). I wasn t able to find it at two different grocery stores. I ll try again tomorrow.

Oz says to read your Tweets at 8:00am to help improve your mood early in the morning, and to post on Facebook at 8:00pm to increase your likes. I guess I ll believe him, his Facebook page has 2.4 million likes. I m only 2,399,600 behind!

One fun tip during a cooking segment had to do with cutting onions. Oz recommends putting on swimming goggles while chopping up onions to keep from tearing up. I wasn t preparing onions for dinner tonight, but I was cutting up potatoes. Sure enough, while wearing goggles, I didn t tear up once!

You might be saying, But Justin did you ever tear up while cutting potatoes before? No, but you can t be too careful... actually that s probably the definition of being too careful.

7AM - Personal business followed by a weigh-in
8AM - Read Tweets
2PM - OK to have a treat, preferably cocoa
6PM - Take fiber supplement
8PM - Post on Facebook

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