Boise -- On Thursday, there was dramatic testimony from Kandi Hall, as she was the only one who saw what happened immediately before, and immediately after the shooting.

Her husband, Rob Hall, is accused of shooting the man she was having an affair with, Meridian attorney Emmett Corrigan.

Kandi Hall is an unusual witness, because she wants to stay with her husband, the defendant, she has a special interest in this case -- so she's considered an adverse, or hostile, witness for prosecutors.

Friday, the state extensively questioned her about why her story has changed, and brought on evidence and detectives to prove that it has.

On Thursday, Kandi Hall testified that Emmett Corrigan pushed her husband Rob Hall before the shooting, that her husband didn't really know she was having an affair until that night, and that she's sure of the order she heard shots fired.

However, prosecutors, and police witnesses, say those things are all-different from what Kandi has said before.

She testified about her affair with Corrigan, 'I was having an affair.

But the night of the shooting, detectives say she left that out.

She admitted to an attraction and that it was more an emotional connection, said Meridian Police Department Detective Joe Miller

Did you ask her if they had a romantic type of relationship? the prosecutors asked.

Detective Miller responded, Yes I did.

The prosecutors than asked, And what was her response?

She denied that, said Detective Miller.

A fact that's clearly important is whether Rob Hall was shot in the head before or after Corrigan was shot twice.

To all witnesses, prosecutors and defense attorneys have been asking a lot about the pattern of shots fired.

Here what Kandi Hall said on Thursday. It was a pop then a pause then a pop pop

However, detectives are absolutely certain the night of the shooting, she told them she heard two pops, a pause, and another pop.

Kandi's response on Friday was, The only thing I remember is what I'm being told. I don't remember saying that. I don't remember anything of that night.

Many facts of the night have stayed the same from her original statements -- but for the ones that don't -- many times, this was her explanation from the stand: I don't recall.

We also heard from several former co-workers and friends of Rob Hall on Friday.

One, the Eagle Police Chief, testified that Hall really wanted his marriage to work and wasn't an aggressive person.

He says while he's not allowed to talk to him, he still considers Hall a friend

The trial will resume Monday morning and prosecutors are expected to take all of next week.

Defense is expected to begin the following week.

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