GRESHAM, Ore. -- A Gresham, Oregon man is accused of going on a violent rampage in a Portland-area McDonald's fast-food restaurant Sunday.

Jayme Leon will be charged with harassment and criminal mischief following the violent episode in which police said he threw a soda in the face of the McDonald's manager and smashed a cash register.

According to the Oregonian newspaper, Leon's rage ignited when he received a Quarter Pounder with onions. He reportedly asked for no onions.

After placing the order, police said Leon called the restaurant to complain. He was told to bring the burger back for a refund, but said he had already eaten it.

Leon returned to the restaurant, upon which police are quoted as saying he went into a McFury.

Police arrested him a short distance from the McDonald's. He was booked into jail but released on his own recognizance.

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