BOISE -- A room full of high schoolers might seem like a challenge. However, every Thursday, Teresa Poppen enjoys spending time with these members of One Stone.

I have a mission of teaching adults how incredible kids can be in making a real difference in the world if you just let them have the tools to do it, said Poppen.

One Stone is the sixth winner of the ID21 Awards from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation.

One Stone is a student-run, student-led non-profit organization, said Executive Director Teresa Poppen.

Students choose the causes they want to focus on and plan all the service projects themselves. They serve as 2/3 of the organization's board of directors. Aidan Weltner is on the board.

It's just a leadership that I really enjoy, and it's an empowering experience, said Weltner, a junior at Boise High School.

Weltner said it makes him want to hold a leadership position in the future and keep giving back to the community.

One Stone gave Hannah Ritter the confidence to speak out in class.

I've definitely become more open to sharing my ideas, like I'm not as scared to speak anywhere, especially in class and stuff, said Ritter.

Parents see the program's impact on their kids.

I think they're getting life skills that will serve them forever, not just right now. They are skills that they'll take with them to business or skills in their own families, said mother of three, Shauna Waller.

All three of Shauna and Bill Waller's kids did One Stone.

They have more confidence in themselves and their leadership abilities, she said.

One Stone's mission is to make students better leaders and make the world a better place.

We do a lot of innovative things to help them become confident leaders. They can go out there and really know what they're capable of doing to make a difference in the world, said Poppen.

Folks at One Stone said the $50,000 grant from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation is a game-changer. They said it would allow them to strengthen the program and continue doing charity projects in the community.

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