BOISE -- If you live in Boise -- especially East Boise and spent Wednesday morning outside -- chances are good you saw one of dozens of balloons floating over the Treasure Valley.

No matter how old you are, there's something special about hot air balloons. It's the reason hundreds, if not thousands of people will show up to Ann Morrison Park to see the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

In the RE/MAX balloon, Danny Stam is at the controls. He says the setup is almost more fun than the ride. That's the most exciting thing, part of it, the inflation, said Stam.

If you haven't been up in a balloon, it's unlike any other aviation experience.

The point is not to go from 'point A' to 'point B' in ballooning, Stam said. It's more of an ethereal feeling. It's more of a pleasant feeling of the view and you're just floating around in the air.

And that's just what Stam does -- and what we did -- float with no real destination. [It s a] perfect day to fly. Light winds, clear skies, cool temperatures. It all comes together to make a great flight, said Stam.

When Stam finally landed in the middle of the street near Broadway and Boise the balloon drew a lot of attention.

Nearby offices emptied to watch.

It is magical, said Gail Allen. You know I see them every year and I just absolutely love it. It's just wonderful.

The makeshift volunteers even helped pack-up the balloon.

This is awesome, said one woman. To have it right in front of your office, it s great. Now I have something to talk about all day, maybe even for a few months.

The balloons lift off again Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning at Ann Morrison Park. See the schedule here.

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