BOISE -- With three different mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile in Ada County, the Mosquito Abatement Team says it's stepping up its efforts.

The Mosquito Abatement Team is focused on reducing the amount of mosquitoes present in the Treasure Valley. This lowers the impact West Nile virus has on the community.

Mosquito abatement works in two teams. The Larvacide crew sprays bacteria in standing water where mosquitoes breed, killing them before they can fly and bite people.

Another crew kills adult mosquitoes using a spray.

If you have standing water, behind your house, next to your house, you know somewhere, you call and say 'hey there is standing water, we'd like somebody to come out and inspect it,' said Rod Hale, the Larvacide crew leader. We can keep them at bay and make it tolerable so people can get out and enjoy the sunshine.

The Larvacide crew has mapped out the county. Every few weeks they treat known breeding grounds. A few weeks ago, the mosquito population on Boise's west bench started growing. The crew had been treating the regular areas so they knew there was a new breeding ground.

Last week, mosquito abatement decided it was time to reach out to the community and start educating them on the problem.

We basically drove the streets and went from one house to the next and introduced ourselves, let them know what we were doing and we were welcomed with open arms, said Hale.

That was the first time the crews have gone door-to-door this year.

Mosquito abatement was looking for buckets, leaking sprinklers, planters, anything that could be hiding or causing small pools of water.

Eventually, the crew found an old pool in the backyard of a foreclosed home. Workers believe that could be where the mosquitoes were breeding. They treated the pool and will check on it again in a few weeks.

But the team can't go talk to every homeowner in Ada County. So crew members are hoping everyone will check their yards for standing water. It only takes a few inches to breed thousands of mosquitoes. A mosquito can lay between 50 to 500 eggs each time.

You'd be surprised how many mosquitoes are coming out of there, more than you can count, said Hale. If people find any water in their yards just dump it out.

People who are concerned about the mosquito population around their homes can call mosquito abatement, 577-4646, to come out and check on the problem.

So far this summer. West Nile has been detected in Ada, Canyon, Payette and Gem counties.

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