BOISE -- The Boise National Forest dropped 100,000 gallons of fire retardant on the Trinity Ridge Fire Saturday, but even that failed to hold the line by Sunday.

The Trinity Ridge Fire started Friday afternoon and fire managers estimate the fire is at 1,300 acres. It s burning 50 miles east of Boise in Elmore County.

Boise National Forest Public Information David Olson said there is no immediate threat to homes, but fire managers believe the potential for the fire to grow is there.

It just demonstrates how dry the fuels are and how hot this fire is actually burning, said Olson.

Sunday at the Boise District Office, firefighters packed into a room to explore the situation.
They launched air attack Saturday, but even after 46 retardant drops, the fire continued to jump.

The fuel type that we have here has a tendency to torch the trees, which throw off hundreds if not thousands of embers and they float through the sky and they land outside of any fire line you try to build, said Olson.

Sunday, a view of the fire's smoke column was visible from Boise and Olson said that shows how intensely the fire is burning. Although it s burning in remote terrain, firefighters are carefully watching it.

The Boise National Forest even brought in additional manpower.

The whole goal of fighting fire is to initial attack as quickly as you possibly can and keep the fire as small as you can so if you have those extra resources to fight the fire you are in a better position, said Olson.

For the Boise National Forest, fire season is at its peak and fire experts are learning conditions for this fire season are much drier then they originally thought.

It s actually drier this year than it was in 2006 and 2007, said Olson. So, it really demonstrates the challenges that we are going to be facing.

Although, there are no structures in its path now, fire officials know how quickly things can change. The terrain and the type of fuel the fire is burning in don't help either.

Folks just need to understand that the forests are very dry and we are doing everything we can to not get a new fire start, said Olson.

Olson sends out that word of caution, because this fire was human-caused. Firefighters found a utility terrain vehicle around the origin of where the fire started, all burned up.

And remember, Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in place for the Mountain Home Ranger District.

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