BEAVERTON, Ore. -- All kinds of forces came together to give a Star Wars loving Beaverton boy the surprise of his life.

Five-year-old Danny Kiebler s dad returned to Portland from Air Force duty in Afghanistan last week. Colonel Rob Kiebler spent his first night in a hotel so his son wouldn t know he was in town.

It was so hard not to go and see him, remembered Kiebler, but watching his face at the surprise was priceless.

The two had bonded over a Star Wars movie during their last visit in March.

We had told him he couldn t watch the movie until he was 6 but we caved when I had two weeks leave, said Kiebler.

Danny s Mom enlisted the help of a local group called the 501st Legion Cloud City Garrison.

Members dress up like Star Wars characters to attend charity events. She also bought Danny s Dad a Jedi Knight costume.

With Princess Leia, a couple of Stormtroopers and Chewbacca in front of him, Danny s dad walked into Portland s Deschutes Brewery and Restaurant where Danny was seated for a birthday celebration.

When his Dad pulled back his Jedi hood to reveal his identity, Danny at first didn t recognize him.

He was so taken with all the characters. It took him a minute to figure it out, said Kiebler.

When he did, Danny latched onto his dad for hugs and kisses and didn t want to let go.

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We wanted to have Rob be Darth Vader, so he could say, 'I am your Father!' but it would have been tough to hug Darth Vader, explained Danny s Mom Marcelle.

It s so great to see his dad back in his life, she added.

And their alliance won t be broken any time soon. Colonel Kiebler s next tour of duty will take him far, far away to Belgium, but Danny and his mom will be moving to that galaxy with him this time.

Here is the original YouTube video:

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