GARDENCITY, Idaho -- A day after the Main Street Cruise rolled through downtown Meridian, Northwest Motorfest roared to a big finish Sunday at Expo Idaho.

That roar was quite little because of the Holeshot Nationals, a 100-foot drag race between hot rods, go-karts, military vehicles and practically anything else that went fast.

Northwest Motorfest Organizer Jack Armstrong explained.

We have a stoplight that we got out of an intersection in New Jersey off of eBay, he said. It's like drag-racing in downtown Boise, not that anybody would ever do that. It's street-legal drag racing, and you sit there, and somewhere between five seconds and 50 seconds the light goes green, and 100 feet later it's over with.

Besides those drag races, there were also rock crawlers, a burnout contest and about 600 cars from across the West.

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