BOISE -- As the temperatures skyrocket more people are seeking refuge inside their air-conditioned homes and an uninvited guest is trying to join some of them.

People in the Treasure Valley say small black bugs are invading their homes.

The bug looks similar to a box elder bug, however, it is about half the size and less colorful.

Entomologists say it is a seed bug but the exact species is a mystery.

We are still trying to figure out exactly what it is and why it is here in Idaho in such great numbers, said Ariel Agenbroad, a horticulture educator at the University of Idaho Extension in Canyon County.

People first reported seeing the bug last summer. This summer more people say they are seeing the bugs hanging around their homes.

We've had probably about a dozen little jars like this (sample jars with the bugs inside) come into our office, and I know the Ada County extension office has been getting them, said Agenbroad.

Most people who report seeing the bugs want to know how to get rid of them. People say that is easier said than done.

There aren't a lot of chemical controls that are very effective, said Agenbroad. Most of them have to be sprayed directly on the insect to have an effect.

Agenbroad says if people want to keep the bugs out of their homes the best bet is to make sure the windows and doors are tightly sealed.

I would say the best thing you could do with these is just to wait it out, said Agenbroad.

Agenbroad says homeowners can also try spraying areas where the bugs hang out with water to try to drown them. If they make it inside, people can suck them up with a vacuum.

Entomologists guess the bugs will probably be here for about another month. But there is some good news while the bugs are still around, they can't bite people or animals and they don't seem to be hurting plants.

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