BOISE -- Former Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak posted bond at 10:45 a.m. Thursday to get out of the Ada County Jail. He was arrested Wednesday evening after a grand jury indicted him for felony grand theft by unauthorized control.

Bujak responded to the latest allegations in a statement to KTVB on Thursday afternoon. Here is his statement in full:

I am writing this in response to the new charges filed against me in Canyon County in
what I will refer to as the Littleton case. These allegations have been around for a long time.
They were originally brought as a bar complaint after I resigned from office as the Canyon
County Prosecutor in 2010. The investigation has been complete for several months and the
alleged victim has been fully compensated through the administrative proceedings before the
Idaho State Bar.

The case was originally sent to the Twin Falls County Prosecutor for review. He agreed
that the case could be resolved without filing formal criminal charges. Rather than handle the
specifics of the settlement, he sent the case to Special Prosecutor Bill Thompson to attempt to
reach a global resolution during mediation in the criminal case involving the Nampa Contract.
Ultimately, the parties could not resolve the cases globally in mediation and so Thompson sent
the Littleton case back to Bryan Taylor, the Canyon County Prosecutor.

While the case was in Mr. Taylor s hands, my attorneys contacted him in an attempt to
learn the status of the case and expressed a continued willingness to settle the case along the
lines originally discussed with the Twin Falls County Prosecutor. Mr. Taylor failed or refused to
communicate with my attorneys and left me guessing about the status of the case.

I did not learn the status of the Littleton case until I was arrested yesterday without
notice. In light of the history of the case, I could not understand why the special prosecutor
chose to take the case through grand jury (a secret proceeding usually reserved for sex crimes
and drug crimes involving confidential informants), and further could not understand why he
did not contact my attorneys to allow me to voluntarily surrender myself to custody in Canyon
County rather than arresting me in Ada County causing additional delay and expense. Also, the
bond on the warrant was incredibly high. I am not a flight risk. In the Nampa Contract case, I
was released on $5,000 bond and have attended all of my court appearances and followed the
Court s conditions of release. The Nampa Contract case initially involved allegations of two
felony counts of theft with alleged damages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The
Littleton case involves one felony count of theft and the amount at issue is less than $5,000.
The amount to bond out of jail exceeded the amount of restitution at issue in the case.
I do not know the assigned special prosecutor from Oregon. I look forward to meeting
him and working with him to reach a resolution of the Littleton case. In light of discussions with
the prior two special prosecutors on the case, I am hopeful we will be able to reach a timely and
just resolution of the case.

On a final note, I want to thank the Ada County Deputies and Eagle City Police Officers
for their professionalism and courtesy in effecting my arrest. I would also like to thank the Ada
County Jail Deputies for their professionalism and dedication to keeping me safe while in their
custody until I was able to post bond.

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