BOISE -- For many racers, the 2012 Exergy Tour is a chance to compete for thousands of dollars in cash prizes, as well as score points leading into the 2012 London Olympics. However for those in the Treasure Valley, the tour is also a chance to boost the local economy.

Organizers says the number of racers, teammates, and spectators is one major factor in that boost. That's because each of the tour's 17 teams travels with an entire crew, and includes mechanics who work on their bikes, trainers, masseurs, friends, and fans.

The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce says this gives Boise a chance to show outsiders all of wonderful things the city has to offer. Chamber representatives hope the influx of people will be staying, drinking, eating, and most importantly, spending money in town.

It's a great shot in the arm for our economy here in the valley, said Adam Bartelmay, Communications Director for the chamber.

Bartelmay went on to say that Boise was the obvious place to have the race, because the valley has a wide variety of different terrain, along with modern amenities and airline access.

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