GARDEN VALLEY -- New businesses are opening their doors, and noticing the impacts of the recession leaving Garden Valley.

Some businesses tell KTVB that they are optimistic about the future of this community.

To have a hometown experience that is what we were trying to build, said Garden Valley Market Owner Greg Simione.

For Simione, getting into a bigger grocery facility a year ago was not easy. The big crash happened and our bank pulled the finances.

In 2008, his dreams of building a better market place for the residents of Garden Valley were torn out of reach as the recession hit.

So we just hit the sweet spot that they said no. So there we were hole in the ground foundation started, 2008, no money, said Simione.

But the local bank and community partners had faith and now here stands a model of hope and progression, while still keeping the character of Crouch the same.

Simione says, I mean the ambiance of the town stayed, the feeling of the town stayed, and the spirit of the town you know stayed.

His dreams inspired others to open the doors to new businesses as well.

Kathleen Wilson, held the grand opening to her new flower shop, Syringa Flowers and Gifts, just last week.

It's the only floral business within 50 miles, says Wilson.

Although it was scary at first, she is optimistic, other businesses like hers are also opening.

These businesses in town really feed off each other. If people visit one, they walk down the board walk and visit all of them, said Wilson.

Garden Valley was met with one of the driest winters on record, for an area that thrives on seasonal revenue. Many are now looking to the summer tourism season.

Wilson says, I mean summer is when I need to make money.

And these new businesses bring jobs in as well. At the Garden Valley Market, Simione employs 30 people and after an unknown start, he plans to continue to keep this economy thriving.

I am just a big proponent to let the money stay in the town that you know you are in, Simione said.

The success of the Garden Valley Market means a lot to the community because they do a lot of giving back in ways of auctions and fundraisers for the school to lend a helping hand to Garden Valley.

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