BOISE -- Boise Police say they've found several broken pieces of a tricycle that was reportedly stole from a Boise man with a brain injury.

Brian Gorman says his balance is very poor as a result of his condition, and that his three-wheeled, recumbent tricycle was his only mode of transportation -- until it was stolen and broken into pieces by an unidentified thief.

Gorman lives in an apartment near Boise Avenue and Geckler Lane. He first reported the tricycle missing late Sunday afternoon. That's when a thief -- or thieves -- managed to free his tricycle from the tree where he usually locks it.

Gorman told KTVB that his trike was donated to him 2 years ago, and he wants everyone to know that it's the only way he gets around.

Cause of my brain injury, my balance is really bad so I kinda need that to be secure, Gorman said.

Police say the trike was found in pieces in at least two separate locations on Monday night.

They say more information in the case will be released as soon as it's available.

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