BOISE -- For the last two days we've introduced you to the Khan Academy and teachers who use it in their classrooms.

Now, we see how a student and family feel about the online tool.

It's a typical day at Riverstone International School.

Sonya Terborg's 5th grade class is hosting another class to learn about perimeter and area.

You're going to follow that up today by thinking about your personal space, said Terborg.

You might have already noticed that this classroom is filled with, not only rulers, pencils and paper, but laptops and tablets as well.

That technology helps the students access Khan Academy.

And this one might be useful depending on what your personal space looks like, said Terborg.

The website has a mission statement to provide a free education to everyone, everywhere.

Tommy Wachtell is one of Terborg's 15 students who has already learned about perimeter and area at home. For the last year, Tommy has used Khan Academy.

A good way to do this is to watch part of a video, pause it, go back and do it. If you still don't get it, play the video again, said Tommy Wachtell.

Five days a week for at least 15 minutes a day, Tommy dives into the lessons. And it's helping his understanding.

If I consistently don't get it, I go to my dad and ask for help, said Tommy Wachtell.

His dad, Peter, has seen the change Khan Academy has had on his son.

I see my son understanding concepts in math, much better than I think I did at his age, and I think his understanding is real understanding, said Peter Wachtell.

That understanding is seen in the classroom.

I'm also able to sit down in math class and totally get the concepts that she's talking about, said Tommy Wachtell.

And while Tommy's dad took a lot of math in school, the Khan Academy provides something different than a traditional education.

I think I prefer the Khan Academy. I think it unleashes the kids and their ability to go as fast and as far as they can go, said Peter Wachtell.

I love it, I just love it, said Tommy Wachtell.

With a goal of going into the Air Force, Tommy knows math is critical in the equation of a successful life.

The math I've learned on Khan Academy has given me a good picture of what I want to be, said Tommy Wachtell.

By helping him grow fractions at a time.

I've definitely noticed a change in how I think about things, said Tommy Wachtell. Whenever I think I can't, I always think to myself - what if I can?

This story is just one of many opportunities to learn more about Khan Academy.

Saturday night right after the News at Six, NewsChannel 7 have a special edition of Viewpoint.

Then we'll air Sal Khan's speech from Tuesday night at the Egyptian Theater. We'll wrap it all up with an hour-long forum.

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