ST. ANTHONY, Idaho-- A county prosecutor running for re-election in eastern Idaho was accused of tampering with campaign signs posted by her challenger, though authorities say they've found no criminal wrongdoing in the incident.

Fremont County Prosecutor Joette Lookabaugh says she told authorities her husband removed signs supporting her Republican primary opponent, Karl Lewies, and replaced it with Lookabaugh campaign signs.

Lookabaugh says Lewies didn't have permission from the property's owners to post signs, but she did.

Authorities cleared Lookabaugh of wrongdoing and returned the campaign poster to Lewies, who is questioning why the investigation was handled by deputies in Fremont County, where the sheriff has endorsed Lookabaugh.

For her part, Lookabaugh said she wonders if she wasn't intentionally provoked, as the sign was placed on property across the street from her home.

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