TWIN FALLS A zip lining adventure being constructed in the Magic Valley is coming along quickly.

Just last month, the owners of Magic Valley Flights Simulations, Jody Tatum and Dave Fairfield learned they received approval from the Twin Falls County commissioners to build six zip lines at the base of the Snake River Canyon.

Fast forward to April -- six zip-line towers are up, and testing has already begun on the cables.

All of the anchor poles are in, we are just starting to string the line, and this is our first line up, Tatum told KTVB.

On Thursday, KTVB was able to take a 'first look' as the crew from Magic Valley Flights Simulations got hooked-in, and took a test flight.

Tatum says the flight was part of a testing process to make sure the zip line cables are strung to the correct height and tension.

However, in order to begin testing, Magic Valley Flights Simulation had to work with the surrounding community to address several issues.

For the last few years, the business has been modifying its zip line proposal so it can abide by city and county planning and zoning regulations. The company has also been trying to work with canyon rim neighbors who opposed the project at first.

We have all of those obstacles out of the way and we have the green light, said Tatum.

Tatum says Initially, the group wanted to run its zip line courese from rim-to-rim inside the canyon; however, that was denied by city officials. Now, Tatum says the course will feature six different zip lines, with the longest running 2,100 feet. The program will be designed for not only high flying fun, but also teach riders about wildlife and vegetation in the area.

Tatum thanks theTwinFalls community for all their support, and says his company will be ready to open on May 1st, after a few more tasks are done.

We are scheduled to do our testing and certification and inspection of our lines the last week of April, said Tatum. Our biggest challenge is the behind the scenes sort of things, like the logo and getting advertising and getting the signs made.

They are also referring to the attraction as Zip the Snake.

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