BOISE -- Ada County Coroner Erwin L. Sonnenberg says suicide is the final manner of death in the shooting case of 25-year-old Kevin N. Kuhn of Boise.

Kuhn was found dead inside Boise's Impact Guns where he had been target shooting last Friday

Police shut down the range for several hours as they investigated Kuhn's death.

On Monday, a preliminary report by Sonnenberg indicated that the shooting was accidental.

At that time, Sonnenberg told KTVB that Kuhn's gun had possibly jammed, or perhaps the 25-year-old had somehow accidentally shot himself.

However, Sonnenberg told KTVB on Wednesday that authorities had, in fact, determined Kuhn's death to be a suicide.

Sonnenberg said investigators conducted a thorough investigation of Kuhn's background before making the determination. He also said authorities reviewed a slow-motion videotape of the shooting captured by security cameras in order to determine whether or not Kuhn intended to kill himself.

Sonnenberg said the video showed Kuhn using .45 semi-automatic pistol to shoot a clip of rounds at a target before he reloaded, then fatally shot himself.

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