ONTARIO, Ore. -- Lester Reger was arrested Wednesday for attempted murder and assault. It is not his first run-in with the law.

In 1984, Reger's previous wife, Simone, was found dead in the Snake River.

Reger was charged with murder. Prosecutors ended up dropping that charge and Reger pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

In an article The Register-Guard ran in 1984, authorities said they reduced the charge because they didn't have enough evidence to show a motive in Simone's death.

Simone's body was found in the Snake River near Payette. She was wrapped in a blanket and her feet were tied together.

The Register-Guard says Simone was five months pregnant when she died.

The Malheur County District Attorney at the time, Jacques DeKalb, said Simone died from blows to her head and chest.

One of Simone's second cousins contacted KTVB today. He says his family is upset because they feel like Reger should not have had the opportunity to hurt anyone else. He did serve time but they feel like he should still be in prison for Simone's death.

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