Wind has wreaked havoc all over the Treasure Valley. Most of the heavy winds, which hit speeds upwards of 45 miles-per-hour, hit Friday night.

People in places like Boise, Emmett and Caldwell woke up to find a mess in their yard, or found their power had been knocked out.

Thewind storm that blew across across southern Idaho Friday night and Saturday morning left more than 2,000 people without power in the Caldwell area. A few hundred people in parts of Boise, Nampa and Melba were also affected.

Idaho Power worked through the night to restore it, but even with the power back on, there was a mess to clean up for many.

Afence blew down in Boise, and deputies in Caldwell had to remove some downed trees that blew into the road. Ross and Robyn Poulton of Kimberly also had some massive trees downed near them.

Emmett's Dawn Powell, like many, went outside Saturday morning to check for damage and instead found something missing.

I come out back, and I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, my trampoline is gone!' It was right here. It was right here, right where we're standing, she said.

The wind picked up and deposited one of her kids' favorite playthings into the neighbors' yard.

I called them this morning, and was like, 'Do you know what happened last night? No.' Well, my trampoline is in your backyard, Powell said. So, it went up, over and landed right there. It knocked out a few boards. I was surprised it didn't knock down the whole fence. But, apparently it flew.

So Powell and many others in the area, will clean up as best they can, brace for the next storm, and in this case, replace a trampoline.

We'll end up buying them another one, and maybe strap it down this time, she said.

With all that damage last night, no injuries have been reported.

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