BOISE -- For the past four falls, Kellen Moore provided the city of Boise with countless memories.

For a guy that was supposed to be too small or not strong enough, he reminded us all that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

From Prosser prodigy to Boise best... He's a player that seemingly showed up out of the middle of nowhere five years ago. Now, he's one we'll never forget.

While saying goodbye to Kellen Moore isn't easy for Bronco Nation, by sitting down with the winningest college quarterback of all-time, you will quickly discover moving on has been just as difficult for him.

Any time you have four or five years, a lot changes over the course of that time and certainly for me it has, said Moore. For Boise to be a part of that, for so much that has happened there, it will always be a part of you.

From the beginning, he captured our attention. As freshman, he beat out a senior to become the starting quarterback. It was just the first of many victories to come.

Obviously very fortunate. Now too many people get to play as redshirt freshman and if you're playing as a redshirt freshman, there are hurdles and stumbling blocks through that, said Moore with smile. The one person that I always go back to and continue for that process is having Bush Hamden that year because he helped me through that process.

Of course there was another man he credits for his success as well.

Someone I'll always stay in contact with throughout my career and throughout my life. He's had an impact on me and helped me out in so many ways. The bottom line is Coach Petersen is a special person, said Moore. Certainly I think you learn a lot from leaders that are in front of you and learn how they do things. For a lot of us coming out of Boise, we certainly took a lot of things from Coach Petersen and how he managed a lot of things. You try and take that and use it to your advantage.

Talking with Kellen personally, his time at Boise State should never just be defined by his NCAA-record 50 wins. Despite his success, he was humble and was a stand-up teammate.

He also understood his role in the community using football as a platform to be a role model.

Obviously, with a unique role - like being able to play at Boise State - comes a unique responsibility to help others or try and give them whatever you've learned. I think its continuous sharing. You always want to learn from others, and if you can help someone out, you help someone out, said Moore.

With his parents always by his side and his little brother on his team, as he spent time in Boise, his family continued grow. Sure you can tack on the thousands in Bronco Nation, but also a wife.
With his high school sweetheart riding shotgun throughout this journey, last summer in Park City, Utah, the two were married.

It's was good. It's a once it a life time thing, said Moore about his wedding day. It's made things a lot easier if you ask me. With football comes a lot of work and a lot of responsibility. It's nice to go back and be able to get away from it at times and enjoy some time off.

With all this in mind, he says the touchdown passes and wins won't be the most difficult thing to leave behind. Rather it's the people and the relationships he's built. With a scrapbook full of memories to take with him, Kellen may be moving on, but that doesn't mean he's not going to look back.

It's been special, its been neat. Certainly have a lot of great memories there. I absolutely love Boise. It will always be a home of sorts for me. You never know what the futures holds, and it's always a place I'll love to go back to.

Currently, Kellen is back in Irvine, California, preparing for the NFL combine at the end of the month. While skeptics continue to question his size and arm strength, he says he doesn't worry about that.

Kellen said all you need to do is have one team fall in love with you. Passed up by every major college football team outside of Boise State coming out of high school, we saw how that worked for the Broncos.

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