BOISE -- A 22-year-old man is under arrest after an investigation that led police to finding child pornography in his possession.

Clinton Matthews, of Boise, was arrested after police served a search warrant on a home near W. McMillan Road and Maple Grove Road.

Matthews was arrested Monday and charged with possession of child pornography.

Matthews made his first appearance in court Tuesday. Prosecutors say that Matthews not only possessed child porn, but may have inappropriately touched a child.

Police say this case started back in early November. That's when the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which helps arrest individuals using the Internet to criminally exploit children, tipped police off that Matthews may be possessing child porn.

After an investigation, the Boise Police Department had enough evidence to issue a search warrant on January 3rd. What they found led to his arrest.

As part of that search warrant they were able to find a thumb drive in the defendant's bedroom, amongst other property, that belonged to the defendant. It contained a 52-minute, 19-second video that depicted male children approximately between the ages of 8 years of age to 14 years of age engaged in explicit sexual conduct, said Jean Howe with the Ada County Prosecutor's Office.

The judge ordered Matthews held on $1 million bond, and issued a no contact order with anyone under the age of 18.

The Boise Police Special Victims Unit discovered that Matthews has had access and the opportunity to have personal contact with children ranging from 3 years old to young teens. They are concerned Matthews may have committed additional crimes against children.

Police are asking the parents of any children who may have come into contact with Matthews to speak with their kids about the interaction.

Parents with questions or additional information can contact Detective Morgan at 208-570-6244.

Matthews was arrested back in 2008 for impersonating an officer.

He will be back in court later this month for a preliminary hearing.

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