NOTE: Below you will find the 2011 numbers - for the 2013 version (drawn on January 2, 2014) - click here.

BOISE - The Idaho Lottery announced the official number for the 2011 Million Dollar Raffle Friday night during an Idaho Steelheads game.

The winning number for the $1 million prize was 055818. In addition, four $25,000 prizes were doled out. Those winning numbers were 096069, 141411, 023841, 017731.

For the first time, the raffle did not sell out - with lottery officials saying several thousand tickets remained unsold, boosting the odds slightly for the remaining entrants. Lottery officials say they sold just 86% of available tickets - though the pace picked up in recent days with 6,000 tickets sold in the final hour before noon Friday when ticket sales stopped. Ninety-four-thousand tickets were sold in just the last ten days.

This is the fourth year for the fall/winter raffle.

Raffle tickets went on sale in late November for $10 each. In addition to the million dollar and $25,000 prizes - 2,500 people will take home prizes ranging from $50 to $250. Full results for all prizes are available here (PDF document).

The million dollar and $25,000 winners will have to sit tight before claiming their prizes. Those must be claimed at Idaho Lottery HQ in Boise - which is closed until Tuesday due to the holiday.

Lottery officials say winners should sign the back of their tickets.In lottery jargon, signing the tickets helps protect you: these tickets are bearer instruments and we want to ensure each player protects their play, lottery director Jeff Anderson said in a prepared statement.

Prizes outside the top five can be cashed in at lottery retailers throughout the state.

The 86.1% sellout rate means the lottery lost out on some cash. Based on the rough sales figure provided, the lottery pulled in about $2,152,500. It gave away $1,300,000 in prizes - resulting in a total profit of $852,500, not including marketing and other costs. If the game had sold out, another $347,500 would have rolled in - boosting profit to $1,200,000 before those marketing and other costs.

Proceeds from the raffle, like all lottery games, goes to education throughout the state and the permanent building fund.

The winner for last year's raffle, Hilda Floyd, gave most of her prize away, gaining national attention.

Results for all Idaho Lottery games are available in the new ID Lotto app for iPhone and Android - download here or by searching KTVB in your app store

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