MERIDIAN -- Do you have an old computer lying around your house? If you do, the University of Phoenix wants to take it off your hands. This week they kicked off their 4th annual computer drive for Computers for Kids.

Computers for Kids in a non-profit group that was started in 2002 to try to put computers in the hands of all Idaho students. To date, the group has given away more than 20,000 computers. The University of Phoenix is hoping they can help them give away a few thousand more.

For today's youth computers are essential and to be able to have one at home that they can do their homework on, said Bill Bach, Campus Director for the Idaho campus of the University of Phoenix.

Students all the way from kindergarten up through college sophomores can get computers through the Computers for Kids program. There is a $35 to $65 processing fee for a computer. However, if students are on the free or reduced lunch program at their school they can get a computer for free.

I've been in their warehouse and I have seen pallets of computers totally ready, new software and they are going to school districts all over the state of Idaho, said Bach.

People can drop off their old computers, laptops, printers or scanners at the University of Phoenix Campus at 1422 South Tech Lane in Meridian. The University is accepting donations December 20th through the 22nd and the following week from December 26th through the 30th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Donations are also being accepted at the Computers for Kids warehouse in Boise. Donations can be new or old computers.

There is usually parts out of the older computers that can be used and if not the materials can be recycled, said Bach.

People who donate a computer can get a receipt for a tax deduction. All the memory on the donated computers will be wiped clean before the computers are given to students.

By the end of the year the University of Phoenix hopes to collect a couple of tons of computers to give to Idaho kids.

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