BOISE -- There is nothing quite like a homemade birthday cake on your special day. Sadly, some people don't get one.

But there is an organization here in the Treasure Valley working to make sure a cake arrives. There are 50 bakers on staff, and no one is paid.

Yodi Meyers, Ruth Rodin and Tondra Bateman have known each other for quite some time. They are also members of the Red Hat Society.

Our chapter does no good deeds, we just have fun, said Ruth Rodin, Community Cakes baker.

But despite what they say, these ladies are do-gooders. They are volunteer bakers for an organization called Community Cakes.

Community cakes is an organization that provides birthday cakes, explained Kathy Plaisance, Community Cakes. For people in hospice, all the way to foster care.

I read it in the paper, they were starting it and I called Yodi and I said you like to bake, I like to bake. Tondra likes to decorate, she likes to bake so we roped her in also, said Rodin. We do have a lot of fun and I know the ladies appreciate it. There is not a lot of work to it, but there is a lot of gratification.

When KTVB was visiting, they were baking a birthday cake for a woman at a local rest home.

It's very easy, you make the cake, you throw it in the oven, said Rodin.

It is something they do quite a bit. They put a lot of love and care into each cake they bake.

I had time on my hands, you know you go through life and then it's time to pay back and this is the way I can pay back, Rodin explained. I just can't sit here and twiddle my thumbs all day, so we bake!

They crack me up, and they're fun, I think it's a blessing that they are part of our organization. said Plaisance.

There are 50 bakers total who volunteer their time with Community Cakes.

Most of the bakers we have gotten have been word of mouth, Plaisance explained. The baker bakes the cake and delivers the cake.

Ruth, Tondra and Yodi got the chance to meet the birthday girl, Hazel, at Overland Court Senior Living.

Everybody is 'Oh, thank you!' We enjoy this and it's so nice and the people love it, said Rodin.

So how long will they do it?

As long as we can still read and get the cake in the oven, I guess! Rodin laughed.

The organization is always looking for more bakers to keep up with demand. For more information on Community Cakes or how you can become a baker.

For more information on Community Cakes, or how you can become a baker, visit their website.

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