MOUNTAINHOME, Idaho -- Icy roads are being blamed for a Saturday morning accident that sent a 61-year-old woman to the hospital.

Around 7:30 a.m., emergency crews rushed to a rollover accident on I-84 just east of Boise.

The woman was driving from the Mountain Home area toward Boise when paramedics believe she hit black ice and lost control.

Witnesses said she rolled several times, with the car coming to rest upside down.

All the windows were busted out except for hers so we had trouble getting her out, said Kaylie Trammel, who called 911. Well, we couldn't get her out. The fire department had to cut her out, and they got her out. Thankfully she wasn't that injured and she was the only one in the car. It was a bad accident.

Paramedics said this isn't their first slide-off of the year and say this particular area of I-84 is notorious for slippery conditions.

It's always usually pretty slick out here, said Ada County Paramedic Tina Lukecart. We definitely had a lot of black ice. You could tell it was really slick. As we were driving out, all the apparatus were reporting slick conditions.

The driver was wearing her seatbelt, which paramedics said protected her. They said the woman's injuries were surprisingly mild for how bad the crash was.

She surprisingly is doing very well considering the accident and the severity of the accident, Lukecart said.

Three of the witnesses to the crash said they were pretty shaken up, but they were glad they were so close by to help the woman.

We're just glad that she's okay, said Kamron Cowen, who witnessed the crash. You just got to do what you got to do to make sure other people are safe and that they're going to be okay.

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