BOISE -- Seven Boise schools are on the receiving end of a generous gift, giving new life to libraries and learning.

The Troxell Fund, an organization focused on helping kids, donated $140,000 to the Boise Public Schools Education Foundation. The only stipulation on the donation is that the money had to be used for library books.

It's no secret that schools have their own financial problems. And for libraries, this generous donation helps them maintain their role in schools.

It is the hub of the school. Everybody uses the library, said Joanne Habbin.

For the last 16 years Joanne Habbin has had two passions.

The kids and the books, said Habbin.

She is the librarian at White Pine Elementary School in Boise.

I tell the kids, once you've opened a book, you've entered another world, said Habbin.

She does more than check books in and out, she is a book matchmaker.

If I've done my job right, their eyes light up, said Habbin.

Sixth grader Rylee Larrondo says Hobbin has helped appreciate a good book.

It takes you to new places and you can learn new words, said Rylee.

But getting new books and new adventures is more difficult to do when money is tight.

Our monies have dwindled, and actually last year disappeared, said Habbin.

That's where Ann Murdoch and the Troxell Fund enter the story.

The libraries were something that just caught our eye and meant something to us, said Murdoch.

In August, the fund donated $140,000 to seven Boise elementary schools. Today, White Pine Elementary School thanked those behind the donation.

The needs are great, there's no question about that, said Murdoch.

And that's why Murdoch recognizes her organization can't do it alone.

These schools need some help and for other people to step forward and help in ways like this is a tremendous thing to do, said Murdoch.

It was an absolute gift, said Habbin. It kind of chokes me up to talk about the gift because we've never had anything like it before, probably never again in my lifetime will anybody be that generous to us.

Habbin has already spent $11,000 of the $20,000 gift. Replacing used, worn-out, and heavily read books.

It will buy hundreds of books, hundreds and hundreds of wonderful books, said Habbin.

And that will help this library continue its purpose - taking students to new places - simply by picking up a new book.

That's imagination, that's what it's all about. That would be the one word I would use to define libraries, imagination. Develop one, and keep working on it the rest of your life, said Habbin.

The other schools that received the $20,000 donation are Liberty, Cynthia Mann, Shadow Hills, Monroe, Amity and Maple Grove.

The $140,000 donation by the Troxell Fund is the largest single donation the Boise Public Schools Foundation has ever received.

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