BOISE -- There are some that say you can't have a party without balloons. Today the party was at Ann Morrison Park with dozens of balloons -- hot air balloons. Wednesday morning was the first of several mornings where hot air balloons will dot the skies of Boise.

There was a great turnout today for the second annual Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. A lot of people turned out just like they did last year. Among those who watched the balloons take flight, the word magical kept popping up in conversations.

What are you expecting? asked NewsChannel 7.

Colors, said Janice Grenzs.

Something awesome, said Carol Hunt.

The exact reason for hundreds of people to get up before the sunrise varied just a bit, but the theme was the same.

It's such a beautiful morning in Boise and we like getting up early, said John Woodworth who came down with his wife Cindy. We wanted to come down and see this.

Hot air balloons, over 30 of them, each one prepping for launch on the grass at Ann Morrison Park.

Kevin Godwin with Peak Broadcasting helped sponsor the event and is a big reason these balloons will dot the sky this weekend.

We see lots of generations of families out here that will come up and tell us that they went to very first one, said Godwin. To bring it back for our 20th year here, it's pretty awesome.

Scott Spencer, 'World's greatest hot air balloon pilot,' is another reason the balloons are here, getting pilots from all over to fly out of Boise.

It's so exciting to see people throwing down blankets in the park, and kids in their pajamas, and eating donuts, and watching the balloons launch, said Spencer. I think it's the family atmosphere that brings people back, and that's the thing that we really enjoy.

Jancie Grenzs brought her friend and son.

I remember seeing them when I was a kid, so I wanted him to experience it too, said Grenzs.

The Woodworths loved being able to stand so close to the action.

Just the beauty of watching that launch on an early morning is just outstanding, said John Woodworth.

The magic of seeing the balloons just go up and being right there, right where they go, said Cindy Woodworth.

To a young child or to a small boy or girl, it's pure imagination, and these magic bubbles floating into the sky, it's an exciting moment, said Spencer.

If you weren't able to come out and see the balloons launch Wednesday morning, and see the magic firsthand, don't worry, there are still several more opportunities.

The balloons will lift off every morning, Thursday through Sunday, just after 7 a.m. There will also be a launch Friday night accompanied by a concert.

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