BOISE -- Five homes in a southeast Boise neighborhood are flooded, but the source of the water is a mystery. The Bureau of Reclamation is now investigating as to where the water is coming from.

The flooded basements and crawlspaces are on South Minuteman Way. Homeowners have been pumping out water non-stop going on four weeks. Neighbors are now fed up and want answers.

There's a lot of water under here, said Sally Kurdy as she crawls through four inches of water and mud underneath her home.

Kurdy says she and four of her neighbors have spent the past four weeks pumping water out of their crawlspaces, basements and yards.

We've got at least three areas of large pools of water, said Amanda Wheelwright.

Amanda Wheelwright lives just a few doors down.

It's starting to stink -- grow algae, breeding flies, mosquitoes, said Wheelwright.

The neighbors say they are frustrated with not knowing where the water is coming from, but they do have their suspicions.

What a lot of us believe is that there's another breach in the canal, said Kurdy.

The New York Canal is directly behind the five flooded homes.

We're trying to figure out where that water is coming from, said Paul Deveau with the Boise Project Board of Control, which oversees the canal. Obviously because of the New York Canal we can't overrule that. Right now everything we have done does not indicate the canal. We've monitored it and will continue to do that.

The bureau says it s looking at a number of scenarios including higher than normal ground water or water seeping underneath the canal from the other side. But that's little consolation for Amanda Wheelwright and her neighbors.

It's disgusting. It's a disgusting way to live and I'm tired of it, said Wheelwright. We're going to have to probably find someplace else to reside.

Another concern for the neighbors is mold. That's one reason Wheelwright says she wants to leave her home until the source of the water is found.

Officials with the Bureau of Reclamation say they aren t sure how long their investigation will take, but they add the structural integrity of the canal is safe.

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