WASHINGTON COUNTY, Idaho -- An Emmett man is now charged in the death of his friend's daughter after she drowned in Brownlee Reservoir, west of Weiser back in June.

Andrew Pevler was indicted by a grand jury on August 18 on a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Washington County Sheriff Matt Thomas says one poor decision has resulted in two deaths and now this criminal charge.

This would've never happened if they were wearing proper life jackets, said Thomas.

On June 3rd, Andrew Pevler, his friend Ryker Hooper, Hooper's 2-year-old daughter Emma Borg, and another friend all went fishing on the southern tip of Brownlee Reservoir.

They were out in a 14-foot aluminum boat. The anchor caught and sucked the boat into the water.

None of the men were wearing life-jackets and Emma wasn't wearing a proper flotation device.

Hooper drowned, as did his daughter Emma.

Now, their friend Pevler has been indicted on a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

People need to realize the operator of that boat is responsible for everyone on the boat, said Thomas. So it falls on them to make sure that everyone is wearing their life jackets.

The indictment lists anchoring the boat in a swift current and not having proper life jackets on board as the reasons for the charge.

Thomas says in his 13 years in the county he's never seen a charge like this come from a boating accident. But he also understands why Pevler was charged since there was a child involved.

That child had no choice, said Thomas. She couldn't make the decision for herself. She was relying on those people in that boat to make the right decisions for her and they didn't do that.

Thomas said that Pevler is heartbroken over the death of his friends and knows it was preventable.

He's upset about it, said Thomas. He feels the same as everybody that it could've been prevented.

Pevler posted a $25,000 bond and is out of jail right now.

Thomas says a new life jacket loaner station is going in at Steck Park where the drownings happened. Any boater can borrow a life jacket if they forget theirs, making it easier for them to make the safe decision.

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