BOISE -- Those who knew Jeret Speedy Peterson since he got started on skis are remembering him as the charismatic, lovable person that he was.

Tom Kelly is the communications director for the U.S. Ski team and has been for nearly 25 years. He has known Speedy since he first made the Junior National team.

Kelly says Speedy will be remembered for doing the tricks that no one else would try and for what he did to advance the sport of freestyle skiing.

No one else did the hurricane: five twists and three flips. nobody else did that. and still to this day,he holds the world-record score for a two-jump competition, said Tom Kelly, U.S. Ski Team.

The CEO for the U.S. Olympic Committee noted that Speedy was someone people wanted to be around.

He was willing to be everybody's friend and just really opened up his heart to everybody, said U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun.

An endearing and gifted athlete... dead at the age of 29.

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