For decades it was the standard, change the oil in your car every 3-thousand miles. Although many car care centers may want you to stick to that old rule, the fact is, today's motor oils are designed to longer.

In some cases up to five times longer. Most oils have less z-d-d-p these days. That can be shown using o-l-m's. And don't worry, it's all regulated by the a-p-i. Motor oil can be confusing.

So we've enlisted the help of three professionals to get to the bottom of it. Many drivers, and even some companies, still abide by the decades long - three months or 3,000 mile oil change rule. But is it needed?

The industry standard is now 5 to 7 thousand miles. Some newer model vechiles can go 10, even 20 thousand miles. The reason oil needs changing is because it gets dirty and the additives inside get used up, just as they're designed to do. But by the late 80's, big changes in car manufacturing made them much cleaner.

We were carborated then, we're fuel injected now. So the rings are better now. We have better engines, better metal so we do not get the contaminants and the sludge in the oil like we used to, Joe Smith, automotive instructor said.

So then the theory that oil needs changed because it wears out is wrong. The oil itself never wears out. In fact, some companies are introducting re-refined oil. It's used oil that's cleaned and new additives are added back in. If it's a reputable company, our experts see no problem using it.

The best advice? Know what your car needs and be diligent with your maintence. It's a small price to pay to keep your engine clean and your wallet full.

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