VALE -- When you visit Vale, Oregon, one of the first things you will notice is all of the murals.

The first one was painted in 1992 and its become a fixture in this historic oregon trail town.

That's our idea, realistic paintings that show basically the way it was, said Frank Yraguen of the Vale Mural Society.

The way it was along the historic Oregon Trail, which runs through the city of Vale.

The murals around town depict the area's Native Americans, early settlers and scenes of life from the turn of the century.

Frank Yraguen of the Vale Mural Society wants to paint the town with even more.

We would like to eventually have a mural on every one of our buildings to where if you don't have a mural on your business in Vale, then you're the exception, said Yraguen.

Each mural began with a pencil sketch that developed into a small painting. Finally it becomes the oversized artwork.

It can take several weeks to a year and the artists usually work on their own. Acrylic colors withstand the weather and stay true.

Beth Wolfe never thought of herself as an artist, but when asked to do a mural depicting Vale's first schoolhouse, she agreed.

Our future is our children and their education. I taught school once and education is dear to my heart, said Wolfe. Its just great to know that even the pioneers thought education was valuable and important.

And her humor is not lost on most who see the mural.

They get a kick out of the outhouse in the back of the school building and the wood box beside it. A lot of people said I remember doing that when I was a kid, some of the older people. That was always fun, said Wolfe.

The murals are supposed to evoke a lot of emotions: wonder, pride, and a committment to preserving Vale's roots.

The desire is to make this rural community a draw for visitors, too.

There are a lot of travelers on the Oregon Trail that eventually we would be a tour destination site, that's what we want. One day, said Yraguen.

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