CAMBRIDGE -- Cambridge calls itself The Gateway to Hells Canyon and they rely on campers, boaters, RV'ers and outdoorsmen to roll through on the way to the deepest gorge in North America.

When we first contacted city leaders in Cambridge, they told us they hate two things: bad weather and high gas prices.

Commercial Club President Nick Petitmermet says a chance of rain is the number one thing that keeps people away.

As for gas prices, he says it is a double-edged sword.

Higher prices keep many locals in town, when they might otherwise drive down to the Treasure Valley.

On the other hand, Petitmermet says high gas prices reduce the number of visitors.

The situation was at its worst three years ago, when gas prices topped $4 per gallon and the housing bubble was collapsing.

Today, Petitmermet sees a slow but sure recovery due in part to what he calls frugal fatigue.

People are tired of not doing things, so we're kind of seeing where we've had this spike in gas so many times that people are tired of it, said Nick Petitmermet. And the patterns are starting to change where they're still coming to town, maybe not as often as they used to, but I think people are tired of putting every penny away, and they want to go out and do some things.

Some of those things to do include seeing Hells Canyon, hunting, fishing and hiking or riding the Weiser River Trail.

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