The city of Council, Idaho is filled with people doing what they love.

Many of the people we have met in this small town are retired, and now, are following their dreams and doing what they enjoy.

Ken and Wendy Bell came to Idaho from Sacramento, California. Ken worked as an industrial electrician until he retired in 1997.

He and four of his friends from California, were all looking for something different. Now, these four men are all proud Idahoans, who found exactly what they were looking for in Hailey, Riggins, Caldwell, and for Ken, in Council. He says it is the laid-back, quiet lifestyle he was hoping for -- like going back in time.

Ken and Wendy now own a quilt and fabric shop called Pins and Needles on Illinois Avenue in downtown Council. They opened the store seven years ago and they admit, when they opened up shop, neither of them knew anything about fabric, or quilting. But that didn't stop them from trying something new.

Walking into the store, one would never guess that the Bells have been involved in the art of quilting for only seven years. Ken's quilts are colorfully displayed on each wall, and each one is different. Ken said quilting is a great outlet, allowing him to be creative and push the envelope.

When I asked how much his quilts sell for, Ken responded, I don't sell them unless someone makes an offer I can't refuse. I hang them up to inspire others.

That inspirationappears to berubbing off on others who come to Pins and Needles to buy their fabric.

Wherever you go in Council it seems people are talking about quilting. It permeates the country culture here. The high school even offers quilting classes to students, where the boys and girls show equal interest and skill. There are quilt shows and other special events the quilting community takes part in throughout the year.

Business at the Pins and Needles shop has been slow, but Ken said he and his wife are not in the business to get rich. Instead, they wanted to do something they enjoy while meeting new people along the way.

It appears to be the happy, laid-back life they dreamed about when they first moved to Idaho.

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