BOISE -- Trains carry supplies in and out of Idaho every day.But soon trains will be the items shipped out.

MotivePower will be sending 22 locomotives halfway across the world.

Over the next year MotivePower will be sending locomotives to Australia.

It is the Boise-based company's first international contract and they're hoping this is just the beginning.

MotivePower is already in the design process for the 22 locomotives.

Australia's railways have different regulations than the U.S., so it will be an entirely new design for the company.

The Boise-made trains will be used by CBH, an Australian company that ships grain.

Australia is a huge railroad market, said Mark Warner, VP and General Manager of MotivePower. South America and Africa are other markets that take this kind of a product. So, it really does open up a whole new opportunity for us to grow and stabilize our employment.

As the contracts were signed today, CBH made it clear they hope this partnership will last for years to come.

CBH says it took them two-and-a-half years to decide on what company to work with, but the culture at MotivePower won out in the end.

The first locomotive is scheduled to be shipped this December. All 22 locomotives are scheduled for completion by June 2012.

Once the first locomotive is shipped out, MotivePower will finish a new one every 10 days until all 22 are complete.

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