BOISE-- A new airline is considering flying direct between Boise and Idaho Falls, and it's making some travelers very happy.

Horizon Airlines made that trip for years but then pulled out of Idaho Falls, forcing people to find other ways to get between the two cities.

Portland-based SeaPort Airlines will likely be flying out of the Boise Airport this June.

The company says it s adding up costs of doing business and feedback has been good, so Idaho could become its next destination.

Flying between Boise and Idaho Falls used to be easy.

For me it was half an hour, show up at the airport, don't check your bag, get on the flight, 45 minutes later I was here, said Idaho Falls pharmacist Clint Rohner.

Horizon Airlines was the carrier, but then in August it canceled the flight.

The airport in Idaho Falls saw nearly a10 percent drop in income.

Last fall it was kind of disappointing to see that people had to get in their cars and drive. It definitely hurt revenue, there's no question about that, said Len Nelson, Aviation Director for the city of Idaho Falls.

And passengers were left with two inconvenient options: drive the four hours between the two cities or fly between Boise to Idaho Falls with a stop in Salt Lake City.

Nathan Cuvala's Boise-based engineering firm was flying to Idaho Falls a couple times a week when work was busy.

But after Horizon Airlines left, his company, T-O Engineering, became more mindful of its budget and now flies once a month.

It throws a wrench in it with the amount of travel. You can drive as fast as you can fly through Salt Lake, said Cuvala.

A short flight for work and play to Boise has now become a long drive for Idaho Falls pharmacist Clint Rohner.

Both he and Cuvala would like to see the return of a direct flight between the two cities.

I think that'd be a great idea. Here's why. Tonight instead of waiting to fly home, I'm actually going to drive home. I'm going to leave here tonight, drive halfway to Twin Falls and drive the rest of the way home tomorrow instead of catching a flight home, said Rohner.

The president of Portland-based SeaPort Airlines tells us in just a couple months, it's likely the airline will offer daily flights between Boise and Idaho Falls.

I think there's a definite demand for that service, especially in the winter. The reports to us are the roads can get very treacherous and the opportunity to fly between the two cities direct without the connection in Salt Lake is very appealing to many people, said Rob McKinney of SeaPort Airlines.

SeaPort Airlines plans to meet with businesses in Idaho Falls and Boise soon.

They really want their input because it's believed mostly business travelers will take up most of the seats.

If everything goes well, the airline could be flying out of here as early as June.

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