LAS VEGAS The battle between Boise Stateand Utah is still more than a day away on the football field but the back and forth between the teams continues to heat up.

After a physical scuffle Sunday night between players at a welcome event, one Utah wide receiver took the smack talk to Twitter.

DeVonte Christopher wrote I can t wait to get out here with these Boise State or should I say Girlse State they a bunch of

After the tweet began gaining attention online, Christopher added several followers who appeared to be Boise State fans. He then wrote S/O to all my new Boise State followers lol with S/O appearing to mean shout out.

NewsChannel 7 talked to Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham who said he spoke with Christopher and pointed out that the tweet may not be the best use of Twitter. Whittingham said he has no plans to ban Twitter use, but said he has talked to players and they understand how they should and should not be using the service.

Boise State players we talked to said the tweet is not going to have an impact on how they play and that the war of words will be settled on the football field.

Before the football season began, Boise State head coach Chris Petersen banned use of the micro-blogging service among players, and insisted they refrain from posting updates during the season. A number of players including Jeron Johnson have been silent on Twitter for months.

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