BOISE -- KTVB is the official station for Bronco Nation and that won't change this fall.

But Boise State's upcoming move to the Mountain West Conference will affect where you'll find the Broncos on TV in 2011.

Nothing will change for this year, but once BSU officially becomes part of the MWC, how you watch those games still remains a big question mark.

Everyone that we don't go to the game to, we watch, so we watch every one of them, said a female Bronco fan.

Many residents of Boise and the surroundings areas are faithful to their Boise State Broncos.

I try to watch every game, I'm an alumni, so I bleed blue, said a male Bronco fan.

And although most are excited about BSU's move to the MWC, some are a bit concerned about being able to watch their favorite team.

I'm very concerned, this is what we all love, all of us are Boise Bronco fans and we've got to pay more to go see something that we really enjoy, I think it's not necessary for this to happen, said a female Bronco fan.

But exactly what will happen to TV broadcasts once BSU becomes officially part of the conference in 2011 remains to be seen.

KTVB President and General Manager Doug Armstrong explains.

It really depends on what that conference looks like, for starters once the conference knows who's in, who's out, then I think you're going to see television being discussed, said Armstrong.

Right now if you wanted to watch any team in the MWC, you'd have to switch over to The Mountain sports channel, which in many cases is an additional fee for cable or satellite customers.

If that remains intact there could be fewer ESPN games for Boise State, but that's a big if. We have to look at what the conference looks like first and what the governance of the conference looks like as it relates to television, said Armstrong.

BSU Director of Athletics Gene Bleymaier said the switch could lead to even more sporting events televised.

We will be on television, in fact under the Mountain West television program, we'll be on television more, said Bleymaier.

But some BSU fans aren t concerned.

I ll find a way to find the games, said a male Bronco fan.

Right now in the Boise market, 31 percent of TV viewers get their signal from over the air -- for free. So if things didn't change, and all the Mountain West Conference games remained on The Mountain, there could be some BSU fans that wouldn't get to see their games without upgrading to a digital cable package or paying for satellite service.

The Mountain is Channel 329 on Cable One, and Channel 616 on DirecTV. Both require special subscriptions.

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