BOISE -- Just one day before the primary election, another revelation came to light regarding one of Idaho's hottest races.

Republican congressional candidate Vaughn Ward was hit with another accusation of plagiarism.

This time, Ward is accused of plagiarizing the country's top democrat -- President Obama.

That accusation comes from a member of Idaho's Republican Party.

Boise's Lucas Baumbach claims sections of a speech given by Vaughn Ward earlier this year is almost identical to a speech given by President Obama -- when he spoke before the Democratic National Convention -- back in 2004.

This is how the two speeches compared:

Obama: We stand on the crossroads of history

Ward: As we stand on the crossroads of history

Obama: We can make the right choices and meet the challenges that face us

Ward: I know we can make the right choices and meet the challenges that lay before us

Obama: If you feel the same urgency that I do, If you feel the same passion that I do

Ward: If you feel the same urgency and the same passion that I do

Obama: Then I have no doubt

Ward: Then I have no doubt

Obama: The people will rise up in November

Ward: That our voices will be heard in November

Obama: And this country will reclaim its promise

Ward: Our country will reclaim its promise

Obama: And out of this long political darkness

Ward: And out of this darkness

Obama: A brighter day will come

Ward: A better day is on the horizon

So -- was the speech stolen -- or is it coincidence? And what did Ward have to say about it on election eve?

Vaughn Ward said he was deployed at the time Obama made the speech and did not even know about it.

He says regardless, he has enough material of his own, and does not need to copy parts from someone else's speech.

Vaughn Ward said he originally wrote the speech, and it included only his ideas.

Ward says before the speech was delivered in January, he gave a draft of the speech to campaign staff for review.

Ward says former Campaign Manager Ryan O'Barto is the person who made changes to it, and added content.

O'Barto no longer works for Ward -- they parted ways shortly after Ward was accused of plagiarizing content on his Web site.

As for the video released Monday, he admits there are similarities.

That's all they are. They're similarities. said Vaughn Ward.

KTVB's NishiGupta asked Ward, You don't think for the paragraphs, I mean some of them, some of the sentences were word for word, similar.

Vaughn Ward responded, And that comes back to a process that was changed. A leadership that was changed inside the campaign that I dealt with decisively when we had these issues arise. We're talking about something here that is already two weeks old, something we've already discussed on the campaign, and on channel seven during our debate. I said, 'listen I take full responsibilty for everything happens in this campaign,' and during that time that dealt with this issue. The same person who was involved in that is no longer a staffer on this campaign, same person who was dealt with writing a speech in the end issue.

Ward says despite the accusations of plagiarism recently, he is capable of having his own ideas - and has shown it.

I've been speaking about my own ideas for 15 months on the campaign, long before there's a Web site, long before we did an annoucnement speech, we were talking about all these issues, said Ward.

Raul Labrador's camp issued a statement Monday in response to the video.

The spokesman said:

We're sorry that the ongoing plagiarism seems to be obscuring the greater isseus on the campaign. Yet the plagiarism tends to point to either character flaws or leadership flaws in the campaign. The people of Idaho want to believe in their congressmen and we believe that they'll have with that with Raul Labrador. He's been a straight shooter from the start.

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