CALDWELL -- Dateline NBC will air a two-hour episode Friday night centered around a Canyon County case: The brutal attack of Linda LeBrane along Interstate 84 in 2000. The show is called One Summer Night.

Several people were convicted of LeBrane's attempted murder, including Sarah Pearce. In March, Pearce was released early from prison after a judge resentenced her as part of a deal between attorneys. Her convictions still stand.

While many in Idaho are familiar with the case, Dateline NBC will have exclusive interviews with witnesses who have recanted their testimony now more than a decade after Pearce's conviction. Dateline provided KTVB with a preview of some of the interviews.

Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison interviewed several people who originally testified against Pearce and feel like they identified the wrong woman.

For example, Steve and Joseph Rupert, a father and son who originally said Pearce checked into their Caldwell motel after the attack, now say they may have been wrong.

Even on the way home, I thought, you know, I probably picked out the wrong person. But I didn't know what to do, Steve Rupert said.

The Ruperts said they feel tremendous guilt, and have lost sleep over the case. Morrison asked Joseph Rupert how it feels to finally explain what really happened.

It feels better, but there's nothing I can repay her mom. There's nothing I can do to give her back 10 years of her life, Rupert said.

Although some witnesses, now say they were wrong; LeBrane says she's still sure she was right in ID'ing Pearce.

It was Sarah Pearce. I have no doubt. I have not one shred of doubt, LeBrane said. I am not wrong. I have prayed about it. I have thought about it. I have cried about it. I have screamed and yelled about it. I have talked to a psychiatrist for five years about it. I am not wrong.

Morrison says this story is one of how easy it may be to get something wrong, how hard it may be to make things right, and everyone involved judging the case today.

If you ask me is there as much evidence to exonerate Sarah Pearce as there has been evidence to exonerate other people around the country over the last couple of decades? I would say absolutely. It's a question of whether or not it finally gets the hearing that would end up in that result, Morrison said.

Dateline NBC's One Summer Night will air on Friday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on KTVB.

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