CALDWELL - Fireworks made for a busy day at animal shelters around the area Saturday.

Pets from cats to dogs to even goats can get scared by fireworks and bolt from their homes.

Most get picked up by animal control, and on the day after the Fourth of July shelters like the Canyon County Animal Shelter are overrun with strays.

Managers there say they actually saw fewer animals this year than last.

But the ones that do come in often don't have identification, so shelter workers have to get creative when trying to find the owners.

A lot of them do come in without tags, Customer Service Manager Kelly McMurrian said. Some of them come in with collars. We can identify them through rabies tags, microchip tags, city licenses. We really push that.

Anyone missing a pet should check the shelters immediately:McMurrian says they can only keep these pets 72 hours.

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