GARDEN CITY -- Those with the Garden City Police Department are advising those who are heading to the Boise Music Festival to have a plan.

Around 80,000 people are expected, and police say there is only so much parking at Expo Idaho.

It's going to be a very busy day, said Garden City Police Sergeant Blair Brannan. Our main concern is the safety of the public, the traveling public. We can t reiterate enough to have patience. There's going to be a lot of traffic. We have alternative locations that you can utilize as far as parking one place and being shuttled into the event itself.

Brannen said it might be a good idea to take use of the offered shuttles. One is going to be at the Home Depot on Eagle Road, and another one going to and from the Downtown Boise parking garage.

There is drinking at the Festival, but officers will be around looking for those who might break the rules.

There is a designated area for the drinking while you're at the venue. Trust me there will be ample officers patrolling on bikes, on four wheelers, in cars, on foot. There'll be plenty of officers, so let s just do it responsibly. If you do drink, and you can t drive have a taxi come get you, or have a designated driver, said Brannen.

New this year, a carnival area, and an earlier date for the concert in the season. Previous years the Boise Music Festival fell during a heat wave, although it s expected to be cooler, Brannen believes it s a good idea to stay hydrated and cool.

Tomorrow is supposed to be about 80 degrees, which makes it nice and comfortable. The one year, when it was in the triple digits, as you can see, you're going to have more medical issues that take place. So, I mean a nice comfortable 80 degrees makes it nicer for the public itself, let along the emergency staff, who have to run around and take care of it, Brannen said.

So remember, it is going to be busy, and drivers use alternate routes, and plan a little extra time to get to the venue.

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