GARDEN CITY - Police are praising a Good Samaritan for helping them catch a man accused of driving his car through a fence in Garden City.

Julio Guerrero, 21, was arrested Wednesday evening after the collision. Police say he hit a business' chain-link fence in the 100 block of East 45th Street, damaging about 50 feet of it.

Someone who saw the crash followed Guerrero when the suspect climbed out of his car and tried to leave the scene, police say. The witness called dispatch on a cell phone, and continued to update police on the driver's location.

Guerrero was arrested a few blocks away from the crash. Police say he wasn't injured in the collision, but the crash totaled his car and caused about $5,000 in damage to the fence.

He has been charged with misdemeanors for leaving the scene of a collision, inattentive driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to purchase a driver's license, insurance, or register his vehicle.

Guerrero is set for arraignment Thursday afternoon.

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